Nutrition Communications Research


As a Nutrition Communications Research Consultant, I help groups conduct research using online technologies and social media platforms.  Contact me for consultant inquiries here


I’m currently finishing my PhD at Columbia University in NYC- studying Nutrition and Behavior Change (graduation May 2018). I’m passionate about improving obesity rates in the US by helping people modify their dietary choices. 


My research interests primarily include: 

  • What are the best practices for communicating nutrition science to different groups online (websites, social media, etc.)
  • How to use social media to improve dietary choices in meaningful ways 


As a Research Coordinator at Columbia, I helped lead a number of studies examining the effects of online nutrition education on dietary choices, particularly among cancer survivors. 


I also work with Laura Barre at Cornell University, where we are examining possible effects of food-related social media posts on food choice. 


I, myself am a Social Media Influencer as “The College Nutritionist”, where I help college students & recent grads navigate their newfound autonomy re: food choices. 


Check out my recent publications here.


Contact me for consultant inquiries, here