Lose Weight for Your Wedding


And keep the weight Off after the big day





Hi beautiful! 


You're gorgeous just as you are

But if you're looking to lose weight

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Being a bride 


is exhilarating and a truly wonderful experience,  but it is also stressful! Not only are you expected to plan everything to the last detail, but you have to involve many new and old family members in the decisions, keep up your social life, and, let's not forget, go to WORK!  


What you also don't want to fall by the wayside is your health and your bod - after all, all eyes, and all cameras are on YOU the entire day, and you'll have those pictures and memories forever. You want to feel amazing - you want confidence and happiness to just emanate from you. 


Here's what others are saying


ANNE R. from Philadelphia, PA

"Rachel is not only extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, she is also kind, nonjudgmental, and practical.  She gave specific, doable things to do for every-day eating in a healthy, feel-full, lose-weight way.  She never got upset with me for my missteps.  She always helped me feel like I could do it and provided lots of suggestions.  I can’t recommend her enough!"


AMY S. from New York, NY

“My experience with Rachel has exceeded my expectations! She creates a fun environment, provides good information and creative habit-forming tactics, and keeps me accountable and on-track. It’s been easy to follow her advice, and I’ve lost significant weight doing so!”


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Look forward to...


Feeling confident in your body on your wedding day 

Knowing exactly what to do to achieve your weight goals 

Having a plan for your wedding dress alterations

Having go-to healthy, tasty and satisfying meals based on your preferences and lifestyle 

Starting a new life in a new body with you significant other

Successfully incorporating your partner in your health goals

Feeling full and satisfied while losing weight  

Having a specific plan for the week of and day of your wedding

Having strategies for staying on track during the stress and hassle of wedding planning

Being stoked with your wedding photos - when someone catches you at any angle or in any pose

My Signature Counseling Package

is for brides-to-be who want to lose excess weight, and keep that weight off for good

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to get your to your ideal weight in a healthy, sustainable way 

for your big day (and life after!)


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About Rachel 

I have more than 5 years of coaching experience working with hundreds of women. I have seen huge success with my clients losing anywhere from 5 to more than 60 pounds.

I tailor my strategies to each individual to help her lose the desired amount of weight for her wedding and keep that excess weight off after the big day. 

My undergraduate and master's degrees in nutrition were from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio, and I'm finishing up (graduating in May 2018) my PhD in Nutrition & Behavior Change from Columbia University in NYC. I love research, and I love applying what I learn to my clients - how to best help them change their habits and achieve their goals. 

You can also follow me along on Instagram as "The College Nutritionist" (more than 40,000 followers!).