travel snacks

Travel Snacks for Long Car Rides


I know it's weird but I honestly love long car rides - including if I'm not the only one driving (hehe) but also going at it by myself and getting some good alone time to think. One of the things I most look forward to in long car rides is the SNACKS. Here are some of my favorite ones to bring as well as what I like to buy along the way. 


  • Turkey Jerky: Filling, easy-to-eat snack that's low in calories and high in protein. Very filling. One of my favorite kinds is Trader Joe's original turkey jerky (
  • Square Organics Protein Bars: Square Organics chocolate coated protein bars are GOOD. They are really a treat. My favorite is Coconut in the blue pack. I like to eat 1/2 the bar at a time- they are filling! 
  • Baby Carrots: Sometimes you just need to munch to keep your brain awake when driving for a long time!  You don't have to worry too much about baby carrots going bad- and they're so easy to find at any store. Of course if you can, bring an insulated lunch box to hold the carrots when you're not eating them.
  • Hummustir: Hummustir is pretty great - you just have to mix the ingredients together (they come all packaged) whenever you're ready to eat it - so you don't have to refrigerate ahead of time! This does  make a good AMOUNT of hummus- so I would suggest using this one if you're in the car with others (too tempting otherwise!). ALSO! Use code COLLEG20 (no second "E" there) for 20% off your order on Amazon! 


Now of course if you're like me you'll have to stop sometimes to go to the bathroom (!) and also get some additional yummy snacks. Here's what I stick with. 

  • Ice cream: That's right I said it! Especially at fast food restaurants like Micky Ds, ice cream in the smallest size is pretty low in calories, delicious, and easy to find. At McDonald's I like to get the Sundae with chocolate sauce - no peanuts (I like peanuts, but they don't add enough goodness for me to eat them). 
  • Chicken nuggets: Another good food that's easy to find AND easy enough to eat in the car is chicken fingers/ nuggets. I of course don't love the extra breading, but they're definitely filling, and lower in starchy carbs than other fast food snack options like fries. 

Happy travels!