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How to Create Viral Content on Instagram

October 21, 2019

How to Create Viral Content on Instagram

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Creating viral content on Instagram

is all about understanding people

There’s no better way to explain it!

In order to understand people, let me take you through these steps:

Understand your audience’s struggles 

One of the biggest issues I see is people making their Instagram accounts all about what THEY want to focus on, talk about, take pictures of, blog about etc

without any consideration of what their followers want to see

I actually was just talking with someone who said:

“I feel good posting about what I like, I don’t care about likes”

First of all, sorry dear, but I know you do in fact care about your Instagram growth and likes, because… even if people don’t want to admit it… everyone does!

And social proof (number of followers and likes), is important to your success (like it or not!)

No ifs, ands, likes, or buts about it!

So the first thing to do is to understand what your audience wants to see – what are the problems they’re having, their pains, frustrations, and fears

So how do you understand their struggles?


Do a survey, ask in Stories, talk with actual humans, you name it 🙂

This is a critical, critical step. Don’t skip over it!

Update your bio to reflect your audience’s struggles

A big issue I see when people do create viral content but aren’t getting new followers – is that they don’t have a clear, concise, and enticing bio

Step 1 is to remove all the mumbo jumbo about you

Yes, 100%, you are a wonderful, lovely person

But people are more interested in how you can help THEM versus all the details about your personal life

Here’s an example:

My bio used to have this type of info about me:

  • Student at Columbia University

  • Lover of bagels and ice cream


Who cares???

My bio now ONLY reflects my target audiences’ goals and desires. Check it out here 🙂

Look for accounts doing really well in your same niche

By really well I mean: accounts that have a lot of followers and that get more than 1% engagement (number of likes divided by number of followers)

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is doing well?

  • WHAT are they doing with their photos/ videos?

  • Can you see any commonalities?

  • What types of photos are they posting?

  • Is there a certain editing style they’re using?

  • Are they including text in their photos?

  • Do they have pictures of themselves?

Every niche will be different – but every niche will have commonalities which you can EASILY discover for yourself!

An important note: Photos are key – hashtags, how many times you comment on other peoples’ photos, how many hours you’re actually on Instagram, none of that will make of break you

Content is key!

Now… create viral content! 

Once you know the common traits of the content among the popular accounts in your niche,

Create THAT type of content!

Please please, do not spend your valuable time and resources recreating the wheel

If you see something working, learn from them and do it too!

Review your Insights

The next step is to review YOUR insights (go to: your profile —> then the 3 lines on the top right —> then Insights) – too see what type of content actually performs well on your feed

Once you know what does well, DO MORE OF THAT!

It’s that simple 🤩

Be consistent  

Consistency matters a LOT

Here’s what I mean by consistency:

  1. Be consistent with the look and editing style of your photos

  2. Be consistent with how often you post

  3. Be consistent with what time of day you post

Will you try these steps? 🤩

I would LOVE for you to check out my Beat the Algorithm course where I’ll walk you through, step by step, how to grow your Insta too –

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How to Create Viral Content on Instagram

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